Book TV Mounting Services in Morden

Buying a TV can be a sizeable investment and you don’t want to see it break when it falls off the wall. It might seem like a simple job, but it’s actually one that’s fraught with danger. Hidden cables, loose fittings, and dodgy brackets can leave you with repair bills that you’d rather not face. When it comes to successful TV mounting Morden residents have learnt to call the expert handyman. We’ll have your large screen TV securely planted, with no worries about what’s hiding behind the wall.

How Your TV Installation in Morden Will Happen


1. Depending on the length of cable and placement of sockets, we’ll be able to offer some advice on where to put your TV.


2. We’ll check the height you want your TV to be placed at.


3. Measuring and marking spots for bracket placement comes next.


4. And then we’ll drill holes for the brackets and fix them in place.


5. Your technician will test the brackets to ensure they can hold your television’s weight. And then add the backing segment of the TV.


6. The final step is fitting your TV to the secure mount. Job done!

Announcing Revolutionary TV Wall Installation Services in Morden

Hanging & Wall Mounting – Watch as the team finds the perfect place for your pictures.

Furniture Assembly – Tell us what item you want. We’ll collect it from the store.

Setting Up Your TV Wall Mounting

Book your TV installation Morden for daytimes, evenings, or weekends. The usual time required for fitting is between 30 minutes to an hour, though of course this depends on the exact circumstances of the job. Book your handyman for as little as one hour, after which we charge in half-hourly blocks. You can get more details from our prices page. Put a list of jobs together to fill a half-day or longer, and you’ll pay a discounted rate.

Request a callback from us via our online form, or dial up 020 3404 4655.