Book Professional Bathroom Refurbishment

If you’re planning to modernise your restroom on any scale, call bathroom refurbishment professionals in Morden – we’ll take care of it all for you!

We’ll work with you to get your bathroom exactly as you want it. That includes installing new fittings and fixtures, laying tiling, and that’s not all. Find out how much your specific service will cost by calling us now. Your details will be taken, and then used to calculate a preliminary cost estimate. This is FREE and without obligation.

Bathroom Fitting In Morden – Here’s What’ll Happen:


1. Your bathroom will be prepared for fitting. The team we send you to in Morden will disconnect and remove old furniture.


2. Old tiles, plaster, and plasterboard will be taken away – so new materials can be laid down later.


3. Plumbing and electrical work will be carried out – installation of new pipes and drain.


4. Remedy works will be performed – on the room’s walls, floors, and sub-floors.


5. Tiling will be laid – on your bathroom’s walls and floors.


6. Tiling will be laid – on your bathroom’s walls and floors.


7. Furniture will be fitted – bear in mind, the expert team you’re sent can reinstall your old fixtures if you prefer. Got new ones? That’s fine too.


8. When you’re ready give us a call on 020 3404 4655. Remember, advisers work 24/7!

A Proven, Professional Bathroom Refurbishment Company In Morden

Pick us as your bathroom refurbishment company in Morden and get:


Guaranteed Results – every member of the team sent to you is fully insured.

Flexible booking options – ideal if you’ve got a packed timetable.

Experienced, skilled tradesmen – who’ll give you real results.

A reasonably priced service – what’s your budget? We’ll stick to it.

Talk To A Morden Bathroom Refurbishments Expert

Once you’ve made your enquiry by phone or online we’ll need details. A Morden bathroom refurbishments adviser will ask for information regarding your project and images of your current bathroom. Once you’ve provided both we’ll give you a preliminary quote. Agree to the price and a FREE on-site consultation can be schedule. During which a final cost will be confirmed.

You can connect with us via our 24/7 customer hotline. Alternatively, enter your details into our request a service form. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible